Kuchanoor Saneeswarar Temple

History of the temple:

Saturn or Saneeswarar is the main deity worshipped in Kuchanur. In this temple Lord Sani is present in splendid isolation bereft of the other planets. Here he is known as Kuchanooran. The Temple is located at Kuchanoor near Chinnamanur of Theni District on the bank of main channel of River Surabhi. The Chief deity Seneeswaran in the man God and its Genesis was on it own and not created (Suyambu). In all temples Saneeswaran in either of Navagrahah or he remain in separate sannithi. Where as in kuchanoor the Lord exists as prime deity Saneeswaran is other wise called as “Kuchanooran” King Dinakaran ruled “Kulinga” country with its capital Mainagar. His son chandravathana through astrology predicted that his father was suffering for seven and a half-years, which could be overcome by praying Lord Saneeswaran Chandravathanan ventured into forest, created Lord Saneeswaran’s image out of iron and started prayering Lord Saneeswaran. Impressed by his devotees’s prayer before him at Kuchanoor where the present temple is located.

This is the only temple in India which is mean solely for Saneeswara Bhagawan situated at Kuchanoor, 20 Km south of Theni. The temple at Thirunallarin Pondy is having only a seperate Sannidhi for Saneeswarar. In Kuchanoor Saneeswara Bhagawan is said to be a Suyambu (Self appeared idol). Kuchanur, a small village near Chinnamanur in Theni district, as does Thirunallar, has a separate temple for Lord Saneeswara, unlike other places where He is part of the Navagrahas. Legend has it that King Dinakaran who once ruled Kalinganadu with Maninagaram as capital incurred Sani Bhagwan’s wrath for Seven and half years. Dinakaran’s son Chandiravadanan on coming to know of it through an astrologer went to a dense forest and sat on a penance in the midst of Senbagam, Sandalwood and Kongu trees near the bank of Surabi river to invoke the blessings of Lord Saneeswara to set his father free from the curse.

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