This is the main path, the villagavi follow. From Kumbakarai falls, trek along the West by following the path , join the earthern road along the river Vannathi Odai. Deciduous forests, you the “KURINCHI PATTU”,an old Tamil literature, written about 2000 yours ago;some of the folwers out of 99 mentioned in the literature have been named. Earthern road ends and follow foot path.The terrain is gentle till you cross the river. Then fairly steep. On your right. You can hear the noise of rolling waters of Vellagavia. Cross the most deciduous forests – coffee Plantations – Reach Vellagavai village, the oldest village even before Kodaikanal was formed. You find paved streets. Have a view from Muruga Temple.Follow the bridle path through cardamom plantations to Kodaikanal. Wild boar you can see. Pockets of Sholas, extensive meadows, Savannahs occur. Reach DOLPHINS NOSE, a rock perch-spend few minutes – trek – meadows can see – Pear plantations – hear the thundering noise of pambar. Follow the road to pambar bridge and then to church.Have an aerial view over the plains and the route have trekked. Follow the road through T.V.Tower, Coaker’s walk to Bus stand.

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