Sothuparai dam

About the Place

  The Sothuparai Dam is a dam across the Varaha River in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 12 km from the town ofPeriyakulam in Theni district. It is a beautiful picnic spot. The vide expanse of stored water is an impressive sight.
Sothuparai Dam is 9km from Periyakulam on the foot of Kodaikanal hills or the Western Ghats of Palani Range; helps enrich the entire area of Periyakulam and beyond by run as a perennial river Varaganathi. The catchment of the dam is a combine of rain and small streams of Kodaikanal hills and the release of water from Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal.

   The Dam at its full storage capacity of 2.831.m.cum might be a wonder and thriller to watch it overflow via the high spillway. The road to the dam is enchant by the groves of mango on both sides leaving mangoes hang out of fence, at a height of hand’s touching and could pluck even from the moving car.

   The name Sothuparai is a combine to two Tamil words meaning ‘food and rock, and it is said to derive from the habit of people here who once used to take food on the rock boulders along the flow of river Varaganathi.

  The water released from the dam through an irrigation canal will run like a stream among the rocks and boulders. This water is distillated for drinking purpose of Periyakulam on its way.

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